Jomtien & Pratamnak Hill Housing Estates

There are just a view Housing Estates in Jomtien and Pratamnak Hill, mostly older one’s build 10-15 years ago. Now with landprices going trough the roof, it is very unlikly that ever new housings estates will be built in this area, or in case they are built prices of new properties will automaticaly be in the 15 Mil Baht range.

Around Jomtien Beach within the sukhumvit highway, often called “ocean side of sukhumvit rd.” housing estates are:

Adare Gardens 1, Small Project with just 8 villas off Soi Chaiyapruck rd.
Adare Gardens 2, Small Project with just 9 villas off Soi Chaiyapruck rd.
Adare Gardens 3, Small Project with just 9 villas off Soi Chaiyapruck rd.
Avoca Gardens 1, small Project with around 18 villas on Pratamnak Hill, not really a closed project or housing estate but more or less a culster of villas in the same style, most villas have direct access to the main rd.
Avoca Gardens 2, small Project with around 6 villas on Pratamnak Hill
Avoca Gardens 3, small Project with around 6 villas on Pratamnak Hill
Baan Fah Rim Haad, superb run housing estate with large communal pool, built by Bangkok Project developer NC housing. This project is located on Jomtien Second Rd.
Casa Jomtien, one of the first housing estates in Jomtien old style with Tennis Court and large communal Pool. Direct Beach access via Jomtien Beach Rd.
Chateau Dale Older project with exclusive villas mostly on large plots, situated on Thapraya Rd.
View Point Village, a long established housing estate with around 110 Villas, nowadays many on Holiday Rental. Nice detail is that this project has direct access to sukhumvit rd, as well to the large Chaiayapruck rd.
Eakmongkol Soi Chaiyapruck, Small Housing estate next to the larger View Point Village
Eakmongkol Soi Chaiyapruck Soi 4, mid size housing estate with both single story and two story properties, currently a bit run down state, but huge potential for investor, a large park is currently constructed with a nice lake almost opposite the project.
Eakmongkol 8 Thepprasit Rd. Small Estate with both single and two story houses
Grand Condotel, One of the view Beachfront projects from the 60ties, all villas a single story.
Jomtien Condotel & Village, Also direct Beachfront, next to Grand Condotel, as of date a little run down, but investment wise good.
Jomtien Garden Homes, a small project, but the name of the project seems not exist anymore so only a view people know that this was once a project. Now just a dead end “Cul de Sac”

Jomtien Park Villas, Exclusive Housing estate nested between Jomtien Beach and Thepprasit rd.
Jomtien Paradise, Older estate with around 20 villas, this project used to be attached with the Beachfront Paradise Condotel, but when 10 years ago the Jomtien Second Rd. was built, this project was cut with the Villas on the other side of Jomtien Second Rd.
Majestic Residence, True Beachfront Project on Pratamnak Hill, with around 50 Villas some above 50 Mil baht range.
Muang Mai Villa, Old housing estate with direct access to the beach via a small walkway.
Royal Park Village, Project nested on the corner of Sukhumvit Rd, and Thepprasit rd. Around 75 single and doubele story villas
TW Palm Resort, Thappraya Rd. Mix use concept with a condominium, townhomes, single story and two story properties

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