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Satun has a predominantly agricultural economy. Farming is one of the primary occupations of the people in Satun, with the main crops being rubber, palm oil, and rice.

Rubber is the most important agricultural product in Satun, with vast rubber plantations covering much of the province’s land. These plantations are a significant source of income for the locals, as the rubber is exported to many countries worldwide.

In addition to rubber, palm oil is another essential crop grown in Satun. Palm oil is used in the food industry, and the demand for it is high in both the local and international markets. Satun also has several rice paddies where farmers grow rice, a staple food in Thailand.

Overall, agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy and daily life of people in Satun. The province’s fertile land and favorable climate make it an ideal location for growing various crops, which provides income for the locals and contributes to Thailand’s food security.

Updated: 10 April  2023 10:41 AM

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